About Us & FAQs

lasvegasclubcalendar.com is a simple low-cost online concierge service. Our website allows you to request tickets and reservations without the hassle of purchasing from multiple websites and divulging your personal information to multiple vendors. Our support team will make the necessary steps to procure the tickets or reservations on your behalf. lasvegasclubcalendar.com is not an official box office or venue.


Q: How do tickets work?

In certain cases, the name on the ticket may be different than the purchaser’s name. We purchase tickets on behalf of our customers so the card holder name and information is under our company credit card and name instead of the customer. This way, the purchaser’s personal information is never shared with any third-party company.


Q: What is the size of the alcohol and liquor bottles in Las Vegas nightclubs, pools, bars and lounges?

A: Alcohol bottles vary in sizes depending on the brands and type of alcohol. The standard bottle size in most Las Vegas venues is 1 liter (1L). Wine bottles including sparkling wine are generally 750 milliters (750ml).


Q: Does bottle service include mixers?

A: Standard mixers are included with bottle service such as juices and sodas. Any cans or bottles are not standard mixers such as Red Bull and bottled water.


Q: Does a table reservation require the purchase general admission tickets?

A: The purchase of general admission tickets are not required as it is included the pricing of bottle service. Please note that all venues limit the amount of guests that can enter with each reservation.


Q: How long is the average wait time in the table reservation line?

A: The table reservation line is much faster than general admission and tickets line.


Q: What are the extra fees that the venues charge?

A: In Las Vegas, each venue will charge 8.1% sales tax. Depending on the venue, gratuity can range between 15-22%, Live Entertainment Tax will be 10% and Service Fees will range between 2-5%.


Q: What is a good time for a group to arrive at the venue?

A: Groups should arrive early so that they can be seated in a timely manner. 15-30 minutes after the venue opening should be a good time for groups to meet their hosts and get seated.


Q: Why does a group need to arrive early if they have a table reservation.

A: Nightclub reservations are similar to hotel check-in times. The best tables are available at the earliest hours while groups that arrive later will get the leftover tables. Most nightclubs will only honor reservations if the group arrives before the reservation time.


Q: How does minimum spending work?

A: Las Vegas venues work on minimum spending. This means that, in order to have a table reservation, a group must spend at least the “minimum spending” in purchases including alcoholic drinks, alcohol bottles, beverages and/or food (if available).


Q: Which venues in Las Vegas serve food?
A: Pool parties tend to have a food menu available for their patrons. Most nightclubs don’t serve food at all.


Q: How long does the table reservation last at a venue?

A: Table reservations typically last the entire night. However, the venue reserves the right to require additional purchases to keep the reservation.